A Line Family Night Before Christmas – Linelife Christmas Book

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Christmas Eve book to read with your linekids, well, you may have found it. In this book Dad gets called out on Christmas Eve for a power outage, but quickly realizes he’s not just saving Christmas for his town, he’s saving Christmas for the entire world – by saving Santa!

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.

Not a light switch was working, the power was out.

Dispatch called daddy and said with a plea.

Please come save Christmas and light every tree.

He jumped out of bed and put on his boots.

He ran through the house, past the cookies and spruce.

He climbed in the bucket truck, it was cold, as you can see.

How could Santa deliver presents with no electricity?

He pulled up to the outage and saw something strange.

A sleigh, a man, a reindeer, and dangling reins.

But it wasn’t just any man, it was Santa dangling there.

Dad got him untangled and out of the air.

He shared his hot cocoa.

And gave the reindeer treats.

He fixed the power lines and the lights came back on.

The town cheered and shouted and played Christmas songs.

The kids ran to bed when they heard Santa’s clatter.

But they had all seen him so it didn’t really matter.

He greeted each child so happily.

He told them about the lineman that saved Christmas and restored the electricity.

With Santa on his sleigh and Christmas back on track.

The lineman went home and in his truck, found a sack.

A thank you note from Santa, some cookies and toy bucket truck.

It said “Thank you for saving Christmas, Happy New Year and good luck.”

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