Welcome, I’m Krista!

Web Developer | Traveler | Mother

I’ve been an educator for nearly a decade in both elementary and special education as a homeschool mama. I’m a marketing geek turned children’s book author and curriculum developer. I’ve owned a marketing agency (before it was cool), a subscription box, a successful blog, an e-commerce company or two, and now spend most of my days learning about literacy, homeschooling kiddos, and writing children’s books and curriculum.

I’m Obsessed with Literacy

When I sold my last e-commerce business I started searching for what was “next.” Maybe it was a midlife crisis, but at 41 I started writing and illustrating children’s books – the books my father-in-law told me I needed to write over 20 years ago. At 42 I enrolled in a graduate program at Bay Path University for their International Dyslexia Association-accredited MSED in Reading and Literacy.

But there’s more

I am an incessant wanderer….

While I loved our homestead life, I enjoy traveling with my kids. And, while I know we will eventually settle back down onto a farm somewhere, right now seeing as much as I can see with our kids is important to me. You can see those posts with a free membership here.

Collaborations + Partnerships

Let’s Work together

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