Exploring, Hiking, Camping the Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio

If you’re planning on exploring the Mohican State Park with kids, you’re in luck. The park boasts hiking, biking and horseback trails that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The biggest appeal of the Mohican State Park and Loudonville area is that when you’re done hiking, biking or riding your way through it, you can float down the river on your own kayak or canoe, or rent from one of the many liveries located in and around Loudonville.

An outdoor family paradise, the Mohican area doesn’t stop there. You can also slide through the trees, rent a horse for a ride and ride the bike trail through Loudonville’s trails to rails system. Loudonville and Mohican State Park are also a short drive from one of the largest Amish settlements in the country. Ohio’s Amish Country boasts shopping, restaurants, Walnut Creek Farm, Age of Steam and many other attractions. You can also visit Malabar Farm State Park while you’re in town.

Loudonville Hiking and Biking Trails

The trails at Mohican are well used. During weekends and holidays during the Summer, the traffic on these trails is rather high. We tend to hit the trails through the week when it’s busy season, but they’re worth a hike if you don’t mind the traffic.

We’ve sorted them from Easiest to most Challenging, the four walking trails at Mohican all offer a wide range of things to see.

Pleasant Hill Trail

The Pleasant Hill Trail is the easiest for littles because it’s mostly flat. It is, however, rather wet most of the year, so be prepared to jump over little streams and attempt to avoid some mud. If you stop before you get to the dam stairs, this trail is rather easy. If you’d like to keep it simple, go to the dam and turn around and head back to the bridge.

Even though the Pleasant Hill Trail is rather easy to walk, it isn’t boring. Being damp and close to the river, you’ll see lots of amazing finds, like the mushrooms below. You’ll also get to listen to the river the entire walk. We’ve enjoyed watching fishermen pull out rainbow trout as well as ladies with a chair and a book propped up by the river.

The steps going down the hill from the dam going back towards the covered bridge.

Hog Hollow Trail

The Hog Hollow Trail is one of the least used trails in Mohican (from personal experience). It’s beautiful walk along a babbling brook lined with moss covered trees and vibrant vegetation. You’ll see tiny waterfalls all along this trail. This trail is uphill both ways. (Ha!) You’ll need to navigate over roots and mud along the way, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy every step. This path is used so often, we walked two miles before passing the first person. Because it hasn’t seen a lot of food traffic, it’s very narrow and you’ll need to step aside to let others pass in many sections of the path.

It’s a beautiful must-see.

This trail goes from the covered bridge to the fire tower. You’ll need to turn around and head back to wherever you parked for this trail. It does not loop around.

Be sure to check out the post about Hog Hollow here.

Lyons Falls Trail

Big Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls winds up and around the Mohican State Park. You’ll walk along the river before dipping back into the woods to see the Big Lyons Falls. If you continue up the stairs, you’ll eventually make your way to Little Lyons Falls.

Gorge Overlook Trail

The Gorge Overlook Trail and Hog Hollow trails are both difficult, but the Gorge has a few unique features including a swinging bridge and a ladder that you need to climb on one portion of the hike. If you start the trail on the left hand side of the parking lot, you can avoid the ladder by turning around at the bridge. When you continue on and make the loop the last portion of the trail is difficult and you’ll need to climb the ladder about 1/4 of a mile before the end of the trail. It’s all uphill after it.

One of our IG reels from Mohican…

Hemlock Gorge Trail

The Hemlock Gorge Trail follows the Mohican River along a Hemlock lined gorge.

Hemlock Gorge Trail at Mohican State Park reminds me of the Hog Hollow Trail in terms of traffic. It’s not super busy, for the most part. There are several portions of the trail that are single lane. The trail is rated difficult. There’s a lot of elevation change, rocks, roots and elevation changes on roots.

Read more about Hemlock Gorge Trail on it’s on post on the website.

Mohican State Park Waterfalls

If you’re checking Ohio waterfalls off your list, Mohican is home to two. The Big Lyons Falls and the Little Lyons Falls. Both can be found walking the Lyons Falls Trail.

Mohican State Park Bridges

The Mohican State Park features two unique bridges.

Mohican State Park Fire Tower

Mohican State Park Gorge

The Clear Fork Gorge, formed by a fast-melting glacier, is 300 feet deep and 1000 feet long. It’s old hemlock trees and white pine trees has gained the area a National Natural Landmark designation. You can learn more about it here.

Pleasant Hill Dam

Mohican State Park pleasant hill dam

This tree is barely noticeable perched above the dam on the trail, but we love the sign eating tree that has left the words “Unsafe” visible between the grips of its bark.

Mohican State Park Backpack Camping

Mohican State Park Camper Camping Sites

Canoeing the Mohican State Park Area

Places to Eat in Loudonville, Ohio and Mohican State Park

While Loudonville has made its mark on the outdoor world, it definitely doesn’t receive high marks for restaurants. With two mom and pop style restaurants and one attempt at a fancy local diner, none of the three have been appealing to us personally. Mellor’s Family Restaurant is a rather outdated greasy spoon that has budget friendly food. My kids loved the fries and they wanted to go back, but the greasy food just didn’t hit the spot for me. Trail’s End is popular amongst tourists, but the locals rarely go. That tells you all you need to know. Black Fork Bistro is fancy and seems upscale, but we were thoroughly disappointed by it – but it IS the local spot for lunch and dinner. The Copper Mug and The Ugly Bunny both have good reviews, but we haven’t been to either.

Stela’s Ice Cream Shop is my daughter’s favorite stop in town, aside from the Alabaster Mouse for a stash of bath bombs.

Restaurants in Loudonville Ohio and Mohican State Park

With a hand full of pizza places, you can find a sub, pizza and wings in several locations around town.



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