What We Loved About Malabar Farm State Park – Lucus, Ohio

Malabar Farm State Park isn’t a typical state park, but it’s worth a stop if you’re in the area. The unique farmhouse and barn on the park are have maintained their look for over 70 years since the deed was handed over to the Ohio park service.

The farm house, considered large even by todays standards, features 32 rooms and can be toured in the condition it was left in back in 1956. Built by Louis Bromfield, an author and conservationist, the house was built to look like it was added on to – although I am not sure why. The home features a kitchen, many bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms, a nannies quarters and a suite for the in laws. If you tour the house, let us know what you felt stood out. We were surprised by the tiny size of the beds. The beds we have today would most likely be a tight fit in the rooms in the Malabar Farmhouse.

We jumped at the chance to take a wagon drawn tour. The tour guide told us all about the history of the farm, including the story of Ceely Rose, who murdered her family on the farm in 1896.

You can visit the park gift shop and a sewing house while you’re on the property. The sewing house was one of our favorite stops as we just so happened to wander in while ladies were using a loom, knitting and making various items. We couldn’t help but purchase a handmade rug, shaw and a few other items.

The Malabar Farm State Park includes 12 miles of hiking and horseback trails. The foot trails are all less than one mile long. The seven mile bridle path also allows hiking.

Malabar Farm State Park Cavern

Here’s a few of the photos from the trips we have taken to Malabar Farm State Park.

Butter Nut Trail Rock City Cave

To get to the cave, you’ll walk back the Butter Nut Trail on Malabar Farm State Park. Parking here can be a bit hard to come by as the parking lot is rather small. You’ll want to park near the Pugh Cabin (mentioned in the next segment), which is also near the maple cabin, a feature during the Maple Festival. When we explored the trail and cave, the parking lot was extremely full. Alternatively, you can park at the gift shop and make the trek to the short trail to get to the cave. I recommend trying to park by the Pugh Cabin first.

The Pugh Cabin at Malabar Farm State Park

The Pugh Cabin at Malabar Farm State Park is most famous for being in the opening scene of The Shawshank Redemption. Regardless, it’s a beautiful cabin surrounded by a unique landscape carved by a glacier. How much cooler can it get?!

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